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My name is Susanna Hollesch, I’m a citizen of the Republic of Italy, I was born in Florence  and  I live in Borgo San Lorenzo, in the nearby Florence,  since the 1st. January 2000. I work in Florence but in my public life I’m dealing with totally different matters as far as dogs are concerned.

I’ve always loved animals and  I had my first dog on 1962,  at the age of five. It was a German Sheperd mixt with a “wolf ” (?)and I was very proud of it because it was  my body guard.

In my childhood I remember that my favourite film were the Walt Disney Production’s ones – on animal subject – and my favourite book was “Peanuts” by C. M. Schulz .

Naturally all the other  film or books  on the animals’ subjects were appreciated.

My childhood in Florence was really very exciting  because I had  a big garden and all the members  of my  family had their own peculiar  preferences  so I could know a lot of different breed: Teckel, English Setter, Segugio, Pekinese, Bassotto, Barbone nano,  German Sheperd, Scottish Collie, Volpino Italiano and Pinscher, but nobody in my family had a kennel. They were simply animal lovers and owners.

 At that time my primary passion were horses. I had a long experience in Florence since 1962 that really left a deep impact on the themes of  respect to animals.

The first “sighthound” enter into my life on 1 January 2000. It was a   fawn –  coated galga. My daughter and I were really fascinated by this dog . She proved to be a perfect family pet for her and a fantastic companion for me.

I found few books speaking about the Galgo espanol and other sighthounds and primitive Mediterranean breed and I tried to get to know more about their  history, their origin and traditional utilization in Spain and in other countries in the world.

 I  decided to meet the Club del Levriero Italy and the other Club – AIALA- Circolo del Piccolo Levriero Italiano – I began to know all the sighthounds going on show and lure-coursing.

It is only when I knew some Spanish persons and breed lovers that my view could enlarge a little on this breed and on  other Primitivi – levrieroidi in the Mediterranean basin.

I was fashinated by Podencos, all the different varieties,  Andalusian Podenco , Ibicenco, Canario, Pharaoh and similar breed in the world too.

 Estela, the gentle golden “star”  and Nefertiti   participated in expo, breed meetings,  lure coursing and racing, showing their fantastic features,  complete beauty and performance.

I met different persons, owners (and breeders) of the 10th group that gave me so many chances  to know  different experience in Italy and in Europe  too.

Today I have got  two dogs: Estela and Nefertiti,  the last one coming directly from Granada, Andalusia on September 2007. They are my best friend for sure.

My dogs are not kennel dog, they live with me in my house and they sleep besides me, they are my gentle and very elegant companions, they are members of my family.

They  are lucky because they can go trotting and  gallopping in big spaces  without dangers and this is one of the most important thing to preserve their nature, their health and their ancient instinct and  long coursing abilities.

They are happy dogs and they have a lot of friends too, dogs and humans.

Strolling together with a galgo espanol is a real pleasure, but sometimes its elegance, beauty and poise may make you feel a bit unfit. 

 Here below a photo of my daughter with the firts sighthound 12  years ago. (Estela  – Bandido x Rubia)

Eva & Estela

12 years ago......

I made this blog thinking about my friend galgo and to all the animal lover that can understand the importance to preserve the original characteristic according to the needs of the breed. It is not so easy in our modern society where “appearing” is more important than “to be” or “exist”.

I find  in this breed the class, the energy and the gracefulness of all sighthounds.

Unfortunately however their speed and beauty are sometimes their misfortune because of the ignorance or lack of respect of some people.

I leave you discover my different pages about my  Galgo Espanol if I will have time to complete this blog. I would like to be able with a little help from my friends too.

I speak Italian, English, French and I understand written German and Spanish.

Susanna Hollesch
Corso Matteotti, 34
50032 Borgo San Lorenzo – (Firenze – Italia)
e mail: susannahollesch@gmail.com
Mobile: 0039 3405420972

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