FCI Coursing and racing

running full speed

Hunting with the Galgo espanol is forbidden in Italy and in several countries in Europe.

The Galgo espanol can enjoy a lure coursing organized by the official oragnization under the ENCI and FCI supervision. It is the only alternative to the blood sports for persons
that want to meet other galgo owners and a nice way to know and exchange new
Here below the link to more information about this social appointment.
Remember that it is just a play for the dog and for you!!!!


Here below you find a link of YouTube, to enjoy a little lure-coursing

This is an old film about the International Lure – coursing that took part in Soiano del Lago together with the Sighthound Meeting  organized by FCI –  Enci – CDL. Estela (the light fawn galga) is making her permormance
with two other galgo espanol.

Naturally this way to run is only a play for the dogs, they really enjoy very much, but it cannot replace the
natural movement in a field, that is necessary – every day – for their health. The official lure-coursing appointments are a way
to stay together, there is not danger for the dogs.

The galgo needs a big  field  to smell, to play, to run…..every day, then it can go to a lure coursing too.
If you have not the right place, you can go by bycicle or to make footing for some kilometers with your
galgo espanol that is the perfect dog for all the persons that love to go jogging.

Naturally it is not indispensable to go to a lure coursing.

This are the link to the CDL Italy web site and SACL Italy



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